Luxion Releases KeyShot 11.3 – Featuring Full Apple Silicon Support, Serious Speed Gains, and More

by | Jul 21, 2023

Costa Mesa, California, 11월 1, 2022 - As part of our continued efforts to provide the best 3D rendering software, we’ve released KeyShot 11.3. This point release of KeyShot 11 includes full native support for Mac computers with Apple silicon (no longer in beta), plus other powerful new features to speed up your workflow. 

KeyShot Apple Silicon Support Brings Up to 30% Speed Gains  

In the previous 11.2 release, KeyShot offered support for Apple Silicon in beta. Now we are pleased to announce full Apple Silicon support in 11.3. If you have a newer Mac with Apple silicon, you will experience 15 to 30% performance gains in both rendering and overall usability. KeyShot Network Rendering users will also see benefit from performance gains in Apple silicon, experiencing even faster render times.  

New CMF (Color, Material & Finish) Output Features 

KeyShot 11 introduced CMF output, an important feature that saves industrial designers hours of manual labor in addition to reducing the risk of costly manufacturing errors. KeyShot 11.3 adds the option of exporting output in PDF format as well as project-based CMF data import/export to the material information manager. 

기타 11.2 기능
- 실시간 보기에서 오브젝트에 머티리얼을 끌어다 놓을 때 향상된 성능
- glTF에서 바이너리 데이터 지원
- Onshape 파일 가져오기를 위한 KeyShot 기본 지원
- Apple 실리콘을 지원하는 새로운 SketchUp 및 Cinema 4D 플러그인(11.2 필요)
- 기타 75개 이상의 버그 수정 (전체 세부 사항

KeyShot Web Viewer Updates

KeyShot Web Viewer features a revamped user interface that makes product viewing faster and easier on mobile and desktop devices. Load times are 2.5 to 4 times faster, depending on browser and scene. 

Merge Parts

KeyShot 11.3 also delivers a new Merge Parts feature in the Mesh Simplification tool that can help slim down scene size for a faster viewing experience. Cameras and Environment variations are also now supported in web viewer.  

Network Rendering Improvements

In addition to faster rendering times for Mac users, other 11.3 updates for KeyShot Network Rendering users include:  

  • Configure Floating server via headless KeyShot Network Rendering Manager 
  • Add silent install option to have NR Monitor connect to NR Manager 

Luxion 소개 

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