Render On Your Network

KeyShot Network Rendering allows you to take advantage of your network’s computer resources for rendering images, animations, and KeyShotXR’s. After the simple installation process, any user with KeyShot can send a “job” to be rendered on the network. The jobs are organized into a Queue that all users can view. Jobs can also be sent from the internal KeyShot Queue to KeyShot Network Rendering.

How It Works

KeyShot Network Rendering consists of three elements: Master, Slave, and Queue. The Master manages all of the connected network resources. The Slave does the actual rendering. The Queue shows the jobs that have been submitted to the network rendering system by each Slave. After the job is submitted, the Queue can be closed or disconnected from the network without affecting the jobs.

The Power of KeyShot Network Rendering

KeyShot is 100% CPU based and KeyShot Network Rendering can use all the CPU power available. KeyShot’s unique approach to network rendering takes advantage of the increased performance provided by Simultaneous Multi-Threading to utilize all available logical cores to combines both speed and power.

The more logical cores you have, the faster your visuals render.

KeyShot Network Rendering Monitor

How Many Cores Do You Need?

Whether you need to utilize 32 logical cores to increase the speed of your smaller rendering processes, 256 cores, or more to bring in the ultimate rendering power, KeyShot Network Rendering has the set-up and scalable options to cut down the time it takes to create renderings and animations.

Note: The core count includes both physical cores and logical cores and is subject to the Network Rendering license’s core limit. For example, a computer which has 18 physical cores (36 logical cores) will be recognized as 36 cores by KeyShot Network Rendering. Should you require more than 256 cores, simply purchase additional units until they add up to your final core count.

KeyShot Network Rendering Queue
User Management

User Management

Manage all of the users in your organization with the ability to assign specific privileges based on role or usage. Easily add, remove or change passwords and privileges for each user all from a single screen within the user and group management system.

Slave Management

Slave Management

Manage your Slaves, scheduling them for use at specific times or days. Set the number of cores allowed for each Slave and see immediately what computers are allocated for use, with the ability to utilize computer power without KeyShot being installed.

KeyShot Network Rendering Features

  • Master/Slave System – KeyShot install not required on slave system
  • Network Render Queue – render jobs can be submitted by everyone
  • Easy Install and Administration – simply install, and follow the instructions
  • Simple Updates – downloaded from within the network queue
  • User Manager – allows user accounts to be managed over jobs in queue
  • Automatic Slave Enlistment – detected through Master by network packets
  • Job Status – Queue shows current frame rendering and remaining job time
  • Job Prioritization – Queue allows jobs to be added and repriroritized
  • Unlimited Slave Support – with any number of CPU cores (physical/virtual)
  • Slave Tray Application – allows quick update of cores used on the network
  • Partial Image Download – download results before render is complete.
  • Slave Scheduling – scheduled enabled slave usage on for set times
  • Slave Managment – add or remove a slave at anytime
  • Version Compatibility – works with all versions of KeyShot
  • Linear Performance – KeyShot’s performance increases linearly, i.e. double to cores, double the performance
  • Support for both Mac and PC

KeyShot Network Rendering is currently available for purchase in the Luxion store. To find out more or have a special configuration you would like to discuss, simply contact us below.

Buy Network Rendering

KeyShot Network Rendering is a separately licensed product available for KeyShot HD, KeyShot Pro, KeyShot Pro Floating and KeyShot Enterprise licenses. You can buy KeyShot Network Rendering now in the KeyShot store as well as browse our other products, upgrades, and add-ons.